Superfast sensemaking and deliberation

An LLM-powered chatbot enabling groups to co-ordinate, reduce friction and move forward.

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Find consensus

Harmonica can talk to any number of your members 1:1, synthesize their responses and ask additional questions. As a result, it gets easier to involve the whole community in deliberation or sensemaking and achieve higher legitimacy & alignment.

Get ideas from the team

The more diverse and/or remote your org is, the harder it can be to generate ideas or discuss pros and cons of a complex issue in a group. Harmonica helps to avoid conflict and make your people feel more ownership over decisions.

Form a habit for useful process

We all know that doing retrospectives or SWOT analysis is good for us, but more often than not we resort to easier, more intuitive decision-making protocols. Harmonica is always standing by (at hand?) in your favourite messenger, ready to facilitate using one of the templates.

Reconnect isolated teams

Bigger orgs have a tendency to develop silos. It can be difficult to schedule regular sync calls with everyone. Harmonica creates a safe space where your members can ???. More introverted people can finally have voice.

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